Gérard Gabayen

Born in Senegal in 1975. Lives and works in Dakar.

“The environment is the most precious gift we have from the universe. Every day we face this challenge: How shall we respect and preserve the fragile balance between man and nature?

Gerard Gabayen’s large-scale paintings convey his passion and concern for our planet. With broad, dynamic, thick and fluid brushstrokes, his harmonious compositions vibrate with bright colors and unique, delicately balanced shapes. In otherwise abstract paintings, a few select words, the loose outline of a human being in equilibrium on a rope, the head of a fish or bird gone extinct reinforce how breathtaking and fragile our world is and serve as a subtle nudge to remember our impact on the environment.
When Gabayen is not working in his studio, he organizes workshops for school children, sharing his passion for the visual arts and ecology.