About Us

African Art Beats is a gallery of contemporary art featuring artists from Africa and the diaspora. 

Its aim is to connect art lovers as well as new and seasoned art collectors across the globe with curated works from some of the finest emerging and established artists of the continent.

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About Our Founder, Anne-Beatrix Keller Semadeni

Anne-Beatrix was born in Sidi Bou Zid, Tunisia. Her maternal grand-father was a collector of orientalist artworks; her father collected Roman antiquities (and would spend countless hours on archeological sites – with four children in tow); and her mother was a gifted artist.

While Anne-Beatrix early considered an artistic career, she became an international translator, capitalizing on her love for languages and bringing people together across cultures. During years spent living in Cameroon and Togo, however, she was captivated with the traditional art and its rich narratives and energy, and enthralled with the vibrant, provocative, imaginative, resourceful and compelling contemporary art scene.

Traveling extensively throughout the continent meeting artists, and eager to share her passion for the arts, Anne-Beatrix envisioned a platform that would go beyond small scale art exhibits to provide a wider visibility to the artists she loved. The goal: to share their art with enthusiasts and collectors who might be similarly moved by it. 

Anne-Beatrix’s relationships with the artists she represents are based on mutual trust and respect. She has spoken to art curators and art critics, met each artist, explored their process, viewed their work in galleries and contemporary art fairs (Dak’Art, 1-54, and Art Basel). She has visited them in their studios or homes, has heard their life story and understood the source of their inspiration as well as the message their work conveys. Every piece of art in the African Art Beats gallery has been carefully researched and thoughtfully curated.

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