Born in 1983 in Chad. Lives and works in N'Djamena.

A self-taught artist, Doff turns trash into perennial artworks that speak of the often-disastrous consequences of human behavior and simultaneously embody the artist’s positive outlook and trust in our common sense. Two themes underlay his practice: the degradation of the environment, in particular pollution and drought, and war. Appalled by the suffering they cause, Doff places the human at the heart of his work and advocates for the future generations.

Doff has gained international recognition for his ingenuity and the impact of his work. What is supposed to be ugly in its look or use becomes beautiful as Doff sublimates the material he composes with... streaks of gold appear in paxalu - a black bituminous waterproofing material, and bullet shells are turned into a sunflower which seems to dance with the breeze.

Doff has participated in art residencies in Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon and France. He has exhibited in Bordeaux, Dakar, Paris, N’Djamena, Washington DC, and Zürich, as well as at the Dak‘Art Biennale, the Douala Art Fair, and AKAA (the Art & Design Fair) in Paris. 




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