Wainwright Dawson III, aka 3-D

Born 1972, in Haiti. Lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Wainwright Dawson III, also known as "3-D", is a self-taught mixed media collage artist who masters a unique art form entirely his own.

He creates and paints wall sculptures depicting imaginary characters, pop art icons, store and building fronts, bars, hotels and restaurants, as well as lively street scenes, all with found objects that include fabric, newspaper, bottle caps, glass, gems, metal, wood, magazine pages, etc.  The artworks are so vivid that we are propelled into them, finding ourselves suddenly mingling with celebrities in the tropics or within the pages of a roman noir.

3-D’s passion for the arts goes all the way back to his childhood, when he would harness his creativity by making collages out of the found objects and various materials he would find in the streets of Port-au-Prince, in Haiti. While spending his formative years with his seamstress grandmother, in Washington, DC, he used the fabric surplus at his fingertips to master the skill of combining textiles, newspaper, cardboard, metals and everyday household goods to create imaginative and striking artworks.

3-D moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, as a young adult and was taken there under the creative wing of artist and mentor Neo Tavios. Tavios, internationally known for his wild use of color and shape, helped him refine his aesthetics to better fit the collage form. 3-D has never stopped creating since.

3-D has exhibited in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and Washington, DC. His work has received favorable critic and collector recognition.