Born in Senegal in 1965. Lives and works in Dakar. 

“Through my work I try to transmit what my eyes see on the walls and in the cities of Dakar, Bamako, or Barcelona… It is street art in my own way.”

Saadio’s paintings burst with life - they tell bright and animated stories, inviting the viewer to pause and enter another world. His works display an array of individuals pursuing their daily occupations along busy streets, surrounded by honking buses and cars, speeding scooters, and scurrying animals. Subjects out of scale, popping colors and mysterious signs cover the canvas, leaving it to the viewer’s imagination to fill in the narrative. Saadio finds inspiration and renewal from graffiti, the news, TV, and everything else he sees around him.

Fascinated by the work of the numerous decorators who lived in his busy Dakar neighborhood, Saadio was drawn to painting at a young age. He learned a trade to please his parents but could not resist his urge to paint. In his long career as an artist, he spent time in the studios of renowned Senegalese artists Kalidou Kassé and Kre Mbaye.