Born in 1988 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lives and works in Kinshasa.

Diamas is a painter and a sculptor with a conceptual approach and a unique style. He draws from a wide range of media, techniques and forms of expression when creating. In his art - from paper and canvas to three-dimensional artworks - he combines painting, engraving with a razor blade, photography, and sculpture on, and with, repurposed everyday objects…a frying pan, a plastic table, an aluminum tray. The objects he chooses embody for him a story, a life, a society.

Diamas tries to  unveil and denounce injustice, inequalities, exploitation and oppression to trigger a positive social change.He advocates for a "universal identity "that would bypass borders and differences and thrive on complementarity "because differences can complement each other and lead to unicity."

Diamas graduated from the Institut des Beaux Arts of Kinshasa. He has presented projects with several entities such as Art Omi in New York, the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, and the Montresso Foundation in Marrakesh. He has exhibited in Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Dar-es-Salaam, and more.