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Dear Friends of African Art Beats and Art Lovers, We are thrilled to share our first monthly newsletter. With the latest on African Art Beats and African contemporary art in DC and beyond.  Upcoming Exhibit New GenerationA Series of Artworks by Gerard Gabayen Opening November 22, African Art Beats, Washington DC For over twenty years, Gerard Gabayen has been an activist with his brushes, transferring onto the canvas his memories of nature as he had known it, his concern at seeing it spoiled and the hopes he places in future generations. In this exhibit, past, present and future mingle in gorgeous compositions, where balanced forms and colors take you on an exhilarating journey. Gerard Gabayen is a Senegalese artist with a rich...

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My friend, Jimi Hope

Everything about Jimi was larger than life: his voice, his laugh, his heart, his canvasses, and his murals…the ones that adorn walls and squares in Lome, capital of Togo, where he grew up and blossomed before breaking its frontiers and becoming famous on the international rock and blues musical stage. He was so popular that everywhere he went in town, his name was chanted: “Jimi, Jimi, Jimi…”

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The Inaugural Exhibition

June 7th: Over a hundred art lovers and collectors joined us for the Inaugural Exhibition featuring emerging and established contemporary artists from the African continent. Enjoy a sneak peek...

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