Happy Holidays!

We wish you a Happy Holiday Season,
and for 2020…
Love, in all colors,
with Camille Tete Azankpo
The enjoyment of life’s pleasures in good health,
with Majed Zalila
Happiness, whatever form it takes,
with Jean Sewonou
Space for imagination and dreams,
with Mene
Boundless admiration for nature’s gifts,
with Gerard Gabayen
A fresh look at things,
with Souleymane Konate
Exhilarating new endeavors,
with Wainright Dawson III, AKA 3-D
Trips, close to home and far away,
with Saadio
To build bridges between people and cultures,
with Yakhya Ba
With the energy needed to go above and beyond,
with Pascal Konan
We thank you for being a friend of African Art Beats. The journey we embarked upon this year has been an amazing adventure. It would not have been possible without your support.
We look forward to continuing to share our passion for contemporary African art with you in the new year.