Henriette Marie Goussikindey : Artist Resume

Henriette Marie Goussikindey is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Augustin in Benin. She paints every day during the time allotted to personal activities, and often late at night. She teaches visual arts at the Institut national des métiers d’art, d’archéologie et de la culture of the University of Abomey Calavi.  She organizes drawing and painting workshops for girls, where she teaches basic techniques and explores color interactions. Her aim is not to impose a certain style or goal, but to accompany her students as they express themselves through art.

Soeur Henriette Goussikindey was born in Cameroon, but her family moved back to Benin when she was only four years old. As a child, she would translate every word with a drawing, driving her teachers nuts.

In 1994, she pronounced her perpetual vows. Impressed by her talent for drawing, her superiors allowed her to take art classes. In 1996, she was sent for two years to the Institut de formation artistique of Mbalmayo in Cameroon, where she took painting as well as ceramics classes. Back in Benin, she was assigned to the ornamentation of robes and altar linens and was a caricaturist for the Journal La Croix du Bénin. Feeling the urge to do more, she started painting small abstract pieces.

In 2005, Artistic Director Ousmane Aledji discovered her work and convinced her to show it to the general public. He organized a successful exhibition that launched her career as a professional visual artist. Since then, she has painted more than 300 artworks.

A multi-dimensional artist, Soeur Henriette engraves (she studied engraving in Canada during an artist residency in 2010), sculpts, and creates installations.

In Cameroon, she created a “Door of No Return,” in homage to those who lost their lives in their fight for truth and human rights.

Art Education

1996-98 Institut de formation artistique, Mbalmayo,  Cameroon


Solo Exhibitions

Amazones de l’ombre, Galerie Ludovic Fadaïro, Centre Culturel Artisttik Africa, Cotonou, Bénin
Echo du tam-tam intérieur, Best Western Hotel, Cotonou
Afrique en fête – Azalaï Hôtel de la Plage, Cotonou
Identités et missions, Galerie Ludovic Fadaïro, Centre Culturel Artisttik Africa, Cotonou
Voyage imaginaire, Agence Air France-KLM, Cotonou
Mystère, Galerie d’Art Saint Augustin, Cotonou

Art, support d’éducation, Galerie d’Art Saint Augustin, Cotonou

Au bout de l’ancienne corde, Hall d’exposition des Soeurs de St. Augustin, Cotonou
Qui suis-je, Côte Sainte Catherine, Montréal, Canada

Histoire sacrée, Maison des Sœurs de Saint Augustin, Bohicon, Benin

Noblesse, Galerie Ludovic Fadaïro, Centre Culturel Artisttik Africa, Cotonou

Collective Exhibitions

Retour aux sources, Sainte Anne, Porto-Novo
Eduque action, Lokossa
Retour, Azalaï Hôtel de la Plage, Cotonou
Echange – Impact,  Musée de la Villa Kano, Grand-Popo, Benin
Famille Education, Maison Mère Saint Michel, Cotonou
Perspectives, Hôtel Ivoire,  Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Eclosion urbaine, Centre culturel Ouadada, Porto Novo

Week of Africa, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
Pouvoir au féminin, Galerie d’Art Saint Augustin, Cotonou

Fusion culture, Embassy of Nigeria, Cotonou
Ileya Africa, Maison rouge, Cotonou

Art 7/7 Retrouvailles, Médiathèque de la diaspora, Cotonou
Regards de femme, Maison Rouge, Cotonou
Femme et monde, ABC Gallery, Cotonou
Solidarité – Artistes des Pays de l’UEMOA, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Hors les murs, Place des Martyrs, Cotonou, Bénin

Diversité, Médiathèque des diasporas, Cotonou

Identité au pluriel, le Gèsu, Montréal, Canada

Porte ouverte, Festival Bénin
Restaurer l’Espoir, Art Biennale, Porto-Novo, Benin
Assainissement, Galerie Ludovic Fadaïro, Centre culturel Artisttick Africa, Cotonou
Kalevala, Finnish-African cultural center, Grand-Popo, Benin

Launching of the Women’s Month, American Cultural Center, Cotonou
Rencarts, Place des Martyrs, Cotonou

Energie vitale, Festival of visual arts « Miwo Nonvi », Benin

Pollution, Boul’vart, Place de l’Etoile rouge, Cotonou

Unity, Art gallery, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Droits et libertés de l’homme en Afrique, Mbalmayo, Cameroon

Africa, Centre de Promotion sociale Nina Gianetti, Mbalmayo


2010 One year residency at Gesù, in Montreal, Canada


Laureate of the Trophy  Femme de l’Art”  in Benin in 2015
Awarded the Palm « Cardinal Gantin pour les Artisans de la Paix «  in 2019