Blaise Vernyuy



  1. encil drawing. Group exhibition (Bamenda 2015)
    Conserving our culture. Solo exhibition (Institute de Francaise

    Yaounde 2017)
    Mboko Arts village. Group exhibition (Douala 2019)
    Annual Art shows/markets (American Embassy/American school) Afrocentric Happiness. Solo exhibition (Canadian Residence 2021) Group show “Last picture show Douala” ( 2021)
    Solo Exhibiion Canadian Residence ( 2022)
    Group show “Last picture show Douala ( 2022)
    Got artist Representation at Alexis Gallery Victoria Island Lagos

    and contributed work for Group exhibition (2022)
    Contributed works to Artx Lagos through Alexis Gallery ( 2022) Duo show at Alexis Gallery (2023).
    Wata no get Enemy, group exhibition Douala Art 2023.
    Gondwana Art Douala 2023.


"Ordinary men become extraordinary by doing extra ordinary things”. Born in the North West  Grass Field area of Cameroon in the village of Kumbo in 1993, Drawing,and creating toys will become the favourite pass time of the young Blaise. He will continue drawing and experimenting with colours through out primary, secondary,  high school and university  education .

    His secondary and high school education was science inclined. After high school he became mathematics teacher and simultaneously did a four years study in the arts (2012-2015) under Brazilian arts professor Paulo Lemos who doubled as a missionary and was stationed in  Cameroon  for six years. After this four year study he went ahead to get a Bachelor's Degree in visual Arts /Arts History (2017-2020) graduating as over all best of His University.

    After his University studies he focused on his creative career focusing on producing works in a studio he had started while under diploma studies in his home town Bamenda. He  moved to the southwest coastal area of Limbe and set up studio in 2021.His medium of expression acrylic on canvas in which he employs masks,symbolic elements from African culture,geometric patterns,figurines, lines ,colours and sometimes textures in the synthesis of images that he describes as" Afro Abstract Figurative paintings"These figurines are employed as characters in a drama that unfolds on the canvas. In the midst of colour ,stories past ,present and future  are told.In recent times after seeing the power of protests movements around world ,when people get on the streets to demand from leaders good policy and laws, he decided to move from his cultural paintings and now focussed on advocacy. The energy of a protest is captured on every canvas.His characters trapped eternally asking or re-echoing  phrases,quotes from world leaders and famous people, slogans from protest movements and statements, speaking to the particular subject under examination  in the painting. These characters carry these  texts as if  to say; "this is what we believe in and so should you,if you want to make this world a better place". He has been contributing these works to  local and international group exhibitions,solo exhibitions and private shows.He hopes these works remain a reminder to the leaders of the world of their commitments and to the people of the world that we must commit both in words and in action to kick out all threats and vices out of our  societies and out of our planet.  For when all these will be said and done, certainly we will have a sustainable world where in every one and every generation feels comfortable to live in over all continents and over centuries to come.