Intertwined Narratives - A Retrospective Exhibit

African Art Beats marks its 5th year with Intertwined Narratives, a retrospective exhibit featuring artworks by 10 of the artists the gallery works with. These artists have much more than a continent in common. Although each one has a unique path, a unique style, and unique skills, all of them express themselves through art and all of them use it to raise awareness and advocate for the common good. They use paint, natural pigments, repurposed material, or metal on all kinds of support – canvas, denim, burlap, wood –  to convey their love for our planet and its inhabitants while advocating for positive social and environmental impacts.

The artists featured are Bienvenue Fotso Gunsi (Cameroon), Méné, Pascal Konan, and Souleymane Konaté (Côte d’Ivoire), Gérard Gabayen and Saadio (Senegal), Camille Tété Azankpo and Yao Fofo Sewonou (Togo), Elizabeth Martineau and 3-D (Haïti).