AAB's Holiday Exhibition

African Art Beats' Cleveland Park gallery opened its doors again this holiday season to art lovers and collectors in the Washington, D.C. area.
Centered around Gérard Gabayen's series, New Generation, the exhibit also features new paintings, mixed media, and sculptures from emerging and established contemporary artists: Camille Tété Azankpo, Jean Sewonou, Méné, Pascal Konan, Saadio, Souleymane Konate, and Yakhya Ba. In addition, the exhibit includes three-dimensional artworks by Wainwright Dawson III, from Haiti, exhibiting with African Art Beats for the first time.
Among other works of art on show, Billboards by Gabayen evokes “…these large sheets of paper that peel away with time, or that someone tears while passing by. When we paint over them, it’s amazing the new lines that appear, the transparency between two colors, the new over the old: An artwork, and every billboard is unique. An open air exhibit of anonymous artworks.
In My Dream showcases Méné's signature rock-art style, reminiscent of prehistoric times with creatures rife with imagination.
While Konate's exuberant characters are back and as fun-loving as ever in Môgôya (Humanism).
The exhibition will remain up until the end of January. 
Contact us to set up a private viewing! And find below an overview of the event, and preview of the artworks on show.