Our 2020 Exhibit : Golden Reflections of Layered Lives by Elizabeth Martineau

Golden Reflections of Layered Lives is a luminous body of work created by DC-based Haitian artist Elizabeth Martineau during the lockdown.

In this work, Martineau revisits her trademark themes while also surprising us with subjects born from an inspiration that travels from her native Haiti to the African continent.
In spite of the challenges brought by covid-19, African Art Beats decided to curate the exhibit so that art lovers deprived of live art experiences this year could view something beautiful, in the safest possible way.

The exhibit, which opened on October 23 and will be on view until December 11, can be visited virtually and physically. Virtually, we have tried to develop an experience as close as possible as to the live one; physically, a whole series of measures have been taken to offer a viewing with no risks.

If you are in the area, and would like to see Martineau's work in the gallery space, please reach out or schedule your visit here. We will be delighted to welcome you.